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Why To Choose Setup Dixon

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Setup Dixon has been into a business of providing accommodation services in New Zeeland to the needy people who can’t afford to live in a 5-star hotel. We have been into this business for a long time. We also offer awesome hostel accommodation to our guests.  The charges and facilities are according to the package that they have been chosen from us. We never compromise on the quality of our facilities. Even though, we do not charge much to our customers and guests but promise to provide them with all the convenience and make their stay super comfortable and memorable with us. 

There are many reasons that people choose cheap accommodation in Wellington services from us than hotel services. We have some good options for our clients which make them come to us and try our services. All the people who had stayed with us so far had an amazing experience. Also, the prefer us in their friend and family circle who are coming to New Zeeland for a short or long stay.


  • Weekly Rooms:


We provide room on weekly basis. People would like to come and stay with us on weekly basis because bus station is near form our accommodation. If they have a plan in the morning and they wake up late having a few times still then they can easily catch a bus without wasting any time. They can easily get ready and reach to the station in less time. It is a plus point.


  • Monthly Rooms:


We have been offering o monthly basis as well. We know that if we stay in a hotel for a month, it would cost us so expensive. So, customers need something that do not charge them high and also get accommodation. Keeping that thing in mind, we are offering the services of monthly basis stay. So, if you have been planning for a long stay for educational purpose or any other reason then our doors are always open for you.


  • One Night Stay:


We also offer on night room services. We have rooms available even for a night. Suppose, you have come in New Zeeland, you are not getting rooms as per your choices in the hotel then our door is there for you.


  • Shared Room Services:


We also have an option of shared room services. It further deducts the amount of a rooms. We offer different packages in sharing. We have independent rooms and shared bathrooms, we have twin bed in one room, we have 4 beds in rooms. 

The choice is solely dependent upon the guests who want a room. So, what are you thinking? We have given you so much choices. You just need to make a decision.