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Versatility Of Steel As A Material

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Steel is an extremely versatile material which is used extensively in the modern environment. Not only is steel used in household furniture and fittings, but it is also used for large scale applications such as for structural purposes. In this case it is extremely important to make sure that the steel fabrication process is controlled carefully to ensure that the structural steel that is the output of this process is up to the standard that is expected of it when it comes to being used in different structures.

Extensive use of Steel in the Modern Environment

Steel is used extensively for structures because of the several advantages that are associated with its use. Using steel, the building time for any particular structure can be reduced as most of the steel components that are to be used inside the structure can be prefabricated in factories. This means that there is a time saving associated with the use of these prefabricated materials as coma once they arrived on site they will simply need to be positioned in place where they will either be welded or bolted together. This means that there is no curing time that is required for steel structures as is the case with reinforced concrete structures.

Structural steel can be fabricated in a wide variety of different shapes, the most common being the I Beam. This is one of the most efficient structural shapes when it comes to taking loads under a bending. This is because in this shape, most of the material is placed at the outer edges of the beam which means that it creates a bigger lever arm when it comes to resisting any bending moment that are applied to it. Overall, the use of this geometry is extremely common because of the efficiency that is associated with the shape of the beam itself.

Structural steel can also be fabricated with holes inside the beams which allows for different services to pass through the beams reducing the amount of dead space that is allocated to services in the floor thickness of a particular structure. This means that there is a greater amount of usable space available when it comes to any particular building or infrastructure. This makes the building much more efficient when it comes to material usage and, it can also be aesthetically appealing as the thickness of the floors can be minimised.

At Allied Engineering, we recognise the countless benefits that are provided by structural steel in the creation of infrastructure for the modern world and for this very reason we provide specialized steel fabrication from Melbourne services which means that we have the tools and equipment that is necessary to make sure that any steel fabrication need can be completed on time and to the required standard.