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Types Of Cladding

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Cladding is popular term among the architects and the designers. The cladding has become a popular trend as people prefer this architectural technique for the development of the impressive building structures. People in the field of façade engineering classify cladding into the following types:

  1. Stone cladding

It is a beautiful cladding option that involves the use of thin layers of the natural stones. For those who want the things to look natural these stones are highly recommended. The stone cladding makes the building look elegant and stylish. Stone cladding is also used to create decorative pieces in the exterior or interior. Usually the cladding is done with the help of naturally occurring stones like marble, slate or the sandstone. Stone cladding is the right choice for the insulation and protection due to the thickness and the natural quality. The stone cladding is not impacted by the environment conditions. As it is non-porous therefore there is little to suffer from the moisture around it. Stone cladding ensures natural lustre and beauty.

  1. brick cladding

bricks are in use for years. It is the conventional and traditional way of making the building beautiful and strong. Bricks come in different designs and colours. It is even easier to choose a brick design that suits your personal setting and choices. Brick cladding ensures a perfect look to the building besides the strength and the resistance. The bricks are so great a choice that they can blend in any structure or building of your choice. Brick cladding is easy to maintain.

  1. UPVC Cladding

UPVC stands for Plasticized Poly Vinyl Compound. It is one of the innovative recent additions in the world of cladding. The unique material is found to be a great choice for all kinds of regions and conditions. It is resistant and great choice for those who do not want easy maintenance. Just give it a wash and see the result. The life of this kind of cladding is more than the regular cladding as it is covered with the stabilizer. This feature keeps away the harsh sunlight from the building. At the same this cladding ensures fire resistance.

  1. timber cladding

as the name indicates this kind of cladding makes use of the timber. It is another popular natural option. The timber can be crafted into a number of designing and styles. The timber cladding can be bought in different colours. It is even easier to transform the timber cladding into the colour and texture of your choice. At the same time the timber cladding requires frequent maintenance as well. It is because they are subject to weather implications and the pest attack as well.

  1. Metal cladding

it is cheap but sturdier option for a better structure. The metal cladding gives strength and appearance that is required for the buildings of all kinds. The metal cladding can be easily used in the domestic and the commercial set ups. There is little to worry about the insulation as the metal cladding fixes well in the building thus making sure that unnecessary movement of the materials is avoided including the temperature and extreme weather conditions.

The other popular types of cladding including

  • Glass cladding
  • Concrete cladding
  • Weatherboard cladding
  • Wrap up

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