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To Keep Those Toes Tapping

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It doesn’t matter if you are a friend or family, what matters is you’re here give your blessing to the couple and out to have a good time. Speaking of which. What kind of music gets your toes tapping?

There are many factors to look into when choosing bands for your event. A basic band is a 2 piece option. This would typically include somebody manning the drums and a bass player or a pianist depending on the kind of music they favour and a singer who ties it all together. The more elaborate version of a band, that is a eight piece can include a wide variety of other best instrumentalists such as both male and female singers, a horn section, percussionists, and an additional lead guitarist.

The first factor to consider when deciding on the music for the event is the style of the wedding. Is it a classic white affair or a more laid back occasion, something more informal by the beach side? Is the party scheduled for the night or day and will it take place indoors or out? Though it may appear insignificant off a check list but it is important to consider the above when deciding on the music in order to ensure that the guests are able to enjoy the entertainment that is set up on their behalf. In most parties the wedding musicians Gold Coast are female artists performing more classic hits and easy going music bringing in the fast numbers as the event progresses. A band performs up to 4 x 45min sets over a 5 hour period with windows for song requests and guest performances. Each set highlights a certain style of songs starting with soft music that gets the crowd swaying and works their way up to the ever greens, jazz and the dance music. They also provide specific break music between each set to ensure the party never stops. This usually tires down a crown but for the hard-core party animals more sets can be requested at an additional cost.

Weddings are a happy occasion and there is never to be a dull moment that is why there is a lot riding on the band and their music. The couple must have their fingers crossed to make sure the day goes on without a hitch. Music is not merely an entertainment aspect, in an occasion such as a wedding it also has the responsibility of setting the right vibe for the event and giving cues as to what is up next on the schedule. The bridal march, the first dance and the father- daughter dance that is just a few!