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Things That Can Clog The Drains

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As minor inconveniences, blocked drains and clogged pipes can rapidly turn into huge headaches. If you have a blockage in your drain, delayed water drainage, corrosion, or floods are all possible consequences. The first step in preventing clogged drains is to understand what causes them. A clogged drain is a widespread problem in homes, and here are the eight most prevalent reasons and solutions.



Hair is a common cause of drain blockages because of its ability to bond to grease and other viscous substances. Preventing hair blockages is the most effective strategy for dealing with them. Regularly inspect and ensure drain cleaning with hair guards to prevent hair from clogging them.


Inquiring minds may question how soap might clog your pipes. The problem is that conventional soaps are made of fat or oil. Water contains minerals, which react with fat in soap to form soap scum, a hard residue that can discolour bathroom fixtures and cause blockages. Your pipes should be pressure-cleaned when you switch to soap-free washing.


Even if you have a bin in your sink, solid waste should never be flushed down the drain. Set a compost pile to dispose of food waste instead of throwing it away. When it comes to trash, such as tea leaves and coffee grounds, this is very crucial. Foods like grease and oil should also be avoided because they will harden in the pipelines and produce clogs. The oil can be absorbed on a piece of paper towel and then disposed of in the trash.


Small items can get into your plumbing and create havoc. In your bathroom, only water, toilet tissue, and faecal matter should be flushed away. Anything else should be thrown away or composted responsibly, such as through recycling or the garbage. To get rid of any foreign stuff that has gone into your sewage system and is causing problems, you’ll likely need the services of professional brisbane drain cleaners.


Using toilet paper excessively might block your pipes and prevent your toilets from draining properly. It’s possible to remove some toilet paper with a plunger even if water still flows through your toilet after flushing it. However, if your toilet fills up and does not drain, you will have to call drain cleaners to fix the problem.


Tree roots may grow through even the tiniest of holes in your subterranean pipes. Tree roots can quickly grow in your pipes, impeding water flow and causing damage to your pipes. Excavation may be necessary to remove tree stumps from pipes for drain cleaning that they have infiltrated. Avoid costly and time-consuming repairs by inspecting your trees’ and plants’ root systems, as well as keeping an eye on your drains.

Drains can become clogged for various reasons, and the best way of preventing this is to keep them clear. Avoid putting anything down the drain that you shouldn’t, and don’t try to remove clogged drains with extra chemicals or things.