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Tests We Direct Before Reviews

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A person who buys a house with a large outdoor area, the first thing comes to their mind is starting a garden as it provides many benefits such as grass creates fresh air and filters out polluted air which is quite beneficial for our health and there are many more benefits of growing grass in your home. Grass keeps the surface cool which is very useful in summers. The bare surface would give nothing but the dust and polluted air. No doubt, the pollution is always there in the air but the grass absorbs all of it which keeps you safe from it and keeps you healthy all the time. Moreover, the grass looks extremely beautiful in your house. No matter how the house is built, the garden will bring beauty to your house. Imagine someone coming to your home and the first thing they see is the beautiful garden and the first thing they feel is fresh and refreshing air and the wonderful smell of flowers. It will create a very favourable impression on them. If you are considering growing grass in your house but confused about the type of grass to grow since there are many different types of grass, so you have come to the right place. If you want to learn about the types of grass, then the Buffalo Review provides you with the honest reviews about every type of grass, and after reading those, you can select the type of turf or buffalo turf you want. Let us discuss the tests that we direct before reviews;

Drought Tolerance

Sometimes we leave home and there is no one to give water to grass so we do the drought test of each type of grass that if the grass can survive without water for the time being or not or if it can grow or not due to lack of water.

Disease Resistance

We also examine that if the grass is disease resistance or not which means if the grass can be affected by disease or not, if yes then it is very beneficial, and if not, then it can be very harmful to us as it absorbs the disease and contains it with it.

Shade Tolerance Test

Most of the plants and greens cannot survive in shade. They need sunlight to survive. However, a few types of grass have the ability to survive in the shade so we examine this test as well so you can choose the type of grass accordingly.

Colour test

Some types of grass change their colour when the climate changes. Some turn into dark green, some turn in to yellowish-green, and some stays with the original colour. This is the reason we direct colour test in which we examine which type of grass changes colour due to change in climate and which type of grass does not.