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Driving With A Straight Back

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Not many people in the world have the courage to drive themselves home with a straight back. The long hours of work normally take its toll on the mind and body of a person. Driving to and from work can be one of the most tiring and stressful part of the day. In the morning the workers are worried about getting to work on time and in the evening the workers just want to reach their homes as soon as possible. Therefore, in both cases the worker cannot remember to focus on their postures. Therefore, a product like car seat lumbar support in australia is a god send. 

Driving Dilemmas for Back

During driving there are many factors that can have a bad impact on the spine. Some of these issues are listed below:

  1. The size of the car seat is not ideal for the driver. This makes the driver uneasy and difficult to adjust their backs with the seat.
  2. The car seats are made from very soft material. On the outside it might seem comfortable but such seats can ruin the back posture very badly.
  3. The daily route to work and home is filled with bumps and cracks. Due to this reason the driver has to suffer from shocks and shakes throughout the drive and must use special back seat support.
  4. The seat movement is not properly adjusted and it makes the driver uncomfortable and destroys the posture while driving.
  5. The seat is wobbly and not well placed. Due to this issue the driver is unable to keep their backs straight for a long time.
  6. The driver has the habit of ignoring seat belts and sits in a hunched position. This can have a massive bad impact on the health of the spine.
  7. The driver is too tall or too short for the driving seat. In this situation the driver has to keep making a lot of adjustment to keep control of the vehicle.
  8. The brakes and paddles are very jammed and the driver has to exert a lot of tension to make it work. Due to this the spine can be stretched in unnatural directions.
  9. The driver is unable to handle the proper speed of the vehicle. Due to this the back can start to get sudden shocks and jerks which can also lead to the severe internal spinal injuries.
  10. The steering wheel occupies too much space in the driving seat. In this scenario the driver has to suffer from the backwards bending of spine which can be injurious.

It is a common practice for the workers to drive at least one to two hours to get to their work places. Therefore, during this time the back can start to hunch which start to show signs of chronic back pain and minor to major spinal injuries.