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All That You Know About Oxygen Machine

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I am sure we all are aware of the fact and importance of how much oxygen is vital for any human being to survive. As a normal person who is medically fit and healthy, they are able to breath without any problems, but those who are suffering from any disease or medical condition, breathing may become a problem for them. In such scenarios, there are other external options that allow you to breathe by using oxygen machine. If you are wondering what these machines do and how are these beneficial, we are here to guide you of the same. Let’s find that out. 


Using oxygen machines are specifically for those people who are not medically fit or have breathing issues mainly due to their problems. But what exactly are those conditions, we are here to tell you of the same.  

  1. Asthma 
  2. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 
  3. Heart Failure 
  4. Lung Cancer 
  5. Sleep Apnea 
  6. Pneumonia 
  7. Pulmonary Fibrosis  


The next thing that one needs to understand is the fact how much of the oxygen is needed. Well, if you want to know the quantity of it, the same can only be determined by the prescription provided by your doctor. Usually the quantum of oxygen required is on a per minute basis but the same is only provided by a medical specialist. One needs to understand that oxygen may only be required for some people only during exercise or if they are sleeping while there are people who may need it at all times during the day. The need for change in oxygen levels whether increased or decreased may be checked by the doctor either through blood tests or a specific device that is clipped to your earlobe, toes or fingers. 

Oxygen Machine 

There are different types of portable nitrogen generator; while some may run on batteries, there are others that work through electricity. The usual weight of these machines are about 50 pounds and also contain wheels underneath them so they are highly portable and can be carried around easily without having to worry about the weight. However, the point that needs to be considered is that if you use a machine that is a plug – in sort then you will have to arrange for a backup source in case of emergency situation where the power may go off.  

Hope the above stated information regarding uses of oxygen machine and the features the come with these sort of machines are informative for you as it is important that you get to know about the specific kind and which one would be suitable for yourself or your loved ones.